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Federation - What does it mean to us?

  The term "federation" has a wide currency, and is often used loosely to describe many different types of collaborative groups, partnerships and clusters, even through to mergers and the creation of new schools. For our purposes, federation is a governance structure whereby one or more schools share a single governing body under section 24 of the Education Act 2002, sometimes called 'hard' federation. It is also possible for schools to operate a statutory collaborative governance arrangement involving a joint committee(s) with delegated powers to the governing bodies of one or more schools under section 26 of the Education Act 2002, sometimes referred to a 'soft' federation.  
  Working together through formal shared governance structures enables schools to raise standards, enhance provision by sharing resources, staff, expertise, and facilities and in the case of small rural schools ensuring they remain at the heart of their communities. The variety of models offered by federation make it adaptable to suit individual contexts, and local needs and objectives.  
  Formal and sustainable high performing partnerships (including those with shared governance and leadership) have the potential to transform the school system and outcomes for children and young people. There is no blueprint for federation. Each federation will be tailored to the different schools and communities that are involved. A successful federation ensures that all children can access a broad learning curriculum and high quality teaching expertise.  
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